GVM Upgrade Solutions for Toyota Hilux GGN25R, KUN26R 4WD

Increase Payload With A Certified Pedders GVM+ Upgrade Kit for Your Toyota Hilux

If your Hilux carries heavy loads or if you are serious when it comes to packing equipment for the journey you take then look no further.

When your Hilux is fully loaded for the journey ahead or if you are carrying the tools of your work trade, chances are that your vehicle may be overloaded beyond its GVM and Payload capacity and you may not even know it. Common items such as tools, tool boxes, cargo, bull bars, winches, towbars, fuel, accessories, passengers, recovery gear all combine to add weight to your vehicle and decrease the available payload. It is also important to note that if you have purchased a cab/chassis, the weight of any tray or service body is considered to be part of the “kerb weight” - therefore further reducing the available payload.

Every vehicle on our roads today has an official legally allocated Gross Vehicle Mass rating (GVM) and Payload Capacity (how much weight a vehicle can carry in both passengers and cargo in the cab and tray bed). The GVM rating is the maximum allowable weight figure (in kg’s) as specified by the manufacturer when fully loaded. It’s essentially the maximum legal weight, that you can safely drive at for that particular vehicle.

Pedders now offer a GVM+ upgrade solution for selected HiAce models to assist in compliance for GVM ratings. The reason for this solution is for the following requirements: O.H.&S. vehicle insurance, warranty issues and being road legal. Through exhaustive and detailed testing, the Pedders GVM+ Upgrade Kits have been approved by the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

Toyota Hilux Series GGN25R/KUN26R 4WD GVM+ Upgrade Solutions From Pedders

• Support network of over 120 outlets Australia wide.

• All components installed as part of a Pedders GVM+ upgrade package are backed by a Pedders 2 Year/40,000kms Nationwide Warranty.

• Toyota Hilux Series GGN25R/KUN26R 4WD series certified GVM rating of 3140kgs.

• Increased payload of up to 360kgs.

• The GVM+ upgrade kit from Pedders is an Ideal choice for those towing caravans, horse floats, camper and general trailers who need extra axle and load capacity to remain compliant with State and Federal laws. A must for families who travel with extra payload in the back on the family holiday.

• Ideal upgrade for the tradie or fleet vehicle. Especially suited for vehicles with tools of the trade. Often these vehicles carry loads for a living and are subjected to constant heavy loads.

Pedders also has GVM upgrade kits for Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara D40, Nissan Navara GU Patrol, Nissan Navara D23-on, Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series 99-On, Toyota Landcruiser 78/79 Series 99-On, Toyota Landcruiser 200 series 09/2007, Toyota Hilux GUN123R/GUN122R/GGN120R/TGN121R 2WD, Toyota Hilux Series GGN125R/GUN125R/GUN126R 4WD, Toyota HiAce LWB, Toyota HiAce SLWB, Mitsubishi Triton, Holden Colorado, Holden Colorado RG2, Isuzu D-Max , VW Amarok and Mazda BT50 models. Find out more about our complete range today by clicking on the relevant link, or visit your local Pedders outlet.

Model Compatibility:
Toyota Hilux 2005-2010 & 2010-On GGN25/KUN26 4WD Range Pedders GVM+ Upgrade kits to suit the following models: Toyota Hilux Workmate 4X4 KUN26R 2 door Cab Chassis, Toyota Hilux SR 4X4 KUN26R 2 door Cab Chassis, Toyota Hilux SR5 4X4 KUN26R 4 door Ute, Toyota Hilux SR 4X4 KUN26R 4 door Cab Chassis, Toyota Hilux SR5 4X4 KUN26R 2 door Ute, Toyota Hilux Workmate 4X4 KUN26R 4 door Ute, Toyota Hilux Workmate 4X4 KUN26R 2 door Cab Chassis, Toyota Hilux SR5 4X4 GGN25R 4 door Ute, Toyota Hilux SR5 4X4 GGN25R 4 door Ute, Toyota Hilux SR 4X4 GGN25R 4 door Ute,Toyota Hilux SR 4X4 GGN25R 4 door Ute.

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